The London Olympics is here. SHOYNE YUH MEDALS, GUV’NAH! While the IOC stubbornly refuses to include football in the Games, it’s a break from the oppressive crush of summer baseball and for that alone we are grateful. Never hurts to have another sports spectacle to organize your drinking around. As for Olympian sexiness, our UPROXX colleagues over at With Leather have found themselves in an Allison Stokke 2.0 situation with 19-year-old Australian track and field athlete Michelle Jenneke.

There’s certainly more to ogle in a huge international competition besides one hot hurdler, so let’s get to it. If you’re not into the whole mesomorph body type, this might not be the week for you. You can suck it up once every few years.

Olympian for female and non-traditional make audience:

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