LeBron won a ring. Darren Rovell got more money to be horrible. There was still no football. Now the dispiriting crush of baseball is upon us. Oh, and it finally got really hot in the Northeast, so the rest of the country had to suffer through our bitching. Hardly the greatest week ever. But it’s just about over, the sexiness is here and we’ll try our luck again in a few days. Chin up, fappers.

In other sexy developments, it has come to my attention that June 22 is No Panty Day, which is a totally real holiday, according to Internet creepers.

We are nothing if not supportive of the movement, though Sexy Friday does have to adhere to certain standards, one of those being “don’t post straight-up shots of vag”. And since that type of thing seems to be a prevalent theme among No Panty Day celebrants, we’ll just refer you to its Facebook page and proceed with sexiness by our own guidelines.

We’d be quite remiss if we didn’t toss in a couple of Kate Upton GIFs from her GQ shoot.

For the lady/non-traditional male audience:

[Pics/gifs via here, here, here and here]