After a three-week hiatus, your very fearful leader has returned to his post for Sexy Fridaying. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed over that span, it’s that Burnsy is very good about picking a theme and sticking to it, whereas I just haphazardly spray sexiness in all directions. Clearly this is a sublimation of our respective love-making styles. You’re welcome for the visual, btw.

Moving along, another week of dreadful offseason inactivity has been slogged through. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which is the unofficial start of summer for just about everybody. Drew is already dreading it, but since I don’t have three dozen children to attend to, I can be content welcoming the swelter and the skimpy outfits that go along with it. Anyway, enough talk of seasons and children, there’s sexy to be had.

Inclusion for the ladies/non-traditional male audience:

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