IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ANY AND EVERY SOCIAL ACTIVIST GROUP: If you are putting together a public service announcement, it should star Kate Upton. If a group paid Upton to tell me that killing puppies is essential for the betterment of mankind, guess what – dead puppies everywhere. If Upton championed a group that endorses using babies to fuel woodchippers, I’m gonna kill a few thousand babies and trees.

Thankfully, Upton isn’t making me kill puppies and babies – not yet at least – and she’s just reminding us that it’s wrong to pick on people. When it comes to this whole anti-bullying thing, I get a little annoyed, because I was raised with the philosophy of not taking sh*t from people, and because of that I prefer that nerds and geeks just use their fists to respond to bullies. Alas, we can’t all be like Casey the Punisher, so if Upton is truly dedicated to stopping bullies, I recommend that she let me snuggle her the next time that someone is mean to me.

I ask so little.

And thus our Sexy Friday has been inspired by the women who fight back. Preferably while wearing no shirts.

(Seriously, Bodog, I love you.)

(My love for Holly Madison finds its way into everything)