It’s 4/20, which means it’s the birthday of Hitler and Fenway Park (COINCIDENCE? Yeah, probably) but also an occasion to either smoke a lot of weed or make a bunch of weed jokes. Quite possibly both. You could also bring your Care Bear filled with five pounds of bud to the annual rally in Boulder, but then you’ll have to contend with irate party school administrators. And that’s no fun.

In weed-related NFL doings, it came out this week that Mike Adams tested positive for marijuana at the combine, eliciting the usual round of scorn against thuggy, druggy GLORY BOYZ, which is basically almost all players. The Lions, to their credit, have said they won’t let players’ use of weed affect their drafting strategy. Janoris Jenkins, come get your new sideline Lions hat.

Anyway, go get faded and we’ll see you back next week, where’s there’s an actual thing called the draft happening. Live blogification returns. The draft is almost like the midpoint of the interminable off-season, but that’s true only if you discount the preseason, which you shouldn’t, because the preseason blows. Ah well, enjoy the weekend.

Ladies/non-traditional male audience inclusion:

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