It was an eventful week of tearful goodbyes and bounty hysteria. The Colts bid farewell to Pey-Pey. Then they put Dwight Freeney on the trading block, and there might be one or two Indy fans who can ignore their Peyton grief long enough to be upset about that. As for the rest us, we’re just glad to have pushed through the most miserable part of the sports calendar with our sanity mostly intact.

Next week, March Madness gets underway and brings with it its blessed invitation for excusable daytime drinking. On the television front, “South Park” and “Community” return. As does “Bob’s Burgers”, which I watch, but won’t pretend elicits the same joy for me as those other two shows.

The aforementioned “Community” return next week, with “Mad Men” returning following soon after, gives us a largely unnecessary but still appreciated excuse to run this recent video of Alison Brie getting sultry for Elle Canada. Hey, Alison, the Canucks don’t need any favors. Let’s keep the sexiness in-house, please.

Further sexiness, post-jump:

And because it wouldn’t be the first quarter of 2012 if we didn’t work Kate Upton in somehow.