Today’s SI swimsuit model mock draft has already introduced ample sexiness into our Friday. Were we content to kick back, believing to have fulfilled our Sexy Friday duties, we could have done so. But no! We remain committing to giving you readers your regularly scheduled Sexy Friday post.

If there’s an issue to be had with pictures of scantily clad models in swimsuits, it’s probably going to be a minor one. And here it is: they get to be in nice, warm locales, whereas I do not. I have to be in one of those lame places that experiences a terrible thing called winter. Granted, it’s been a mostly temperate winter (at least where I’m at), but even the best of winter conditions blow compared to the other seasons. So, after the jump, we keep the scant cladding and we substitute the cold climes for the warm ones. Ha, now you’re uncomfortable too, woman who is sure to catch death outside!

[Yes, I'm aware I used a few images from a site called Bro My God. I'm just as embarrassed as you are.]

[Pics via here, here and here. Gif via Uproxx]