Sure, the off-season has been upon us for a few days now, but the despair doesn’t really set in until Sunday, when you rouse yourself from a hangover only to to discover there’s no more football to get drunk to for, like, forever. It’s devastating. It’s cold and miserable and awful and please put me into a coma until the Draft or March Madness. I’m sick just thinking about it. If only I could laugh at the Patriots just once more.

Oh, there we go. That’s nice.

As usual, we’re falling back on that tried-and-true coping mechanism of fapping the boredom away. For that, we turn to Playmates stripping out of Peyton Manning jerseys. It’s far sexier (if less amusing) than a graphic artist working Peyton’s giant noggin into every team’s logo. It’s also very NSFW by virtue of the nudity thing, so office drones beware. Full gallery here. Finding one area of aboveboard underboob to crop into an image we could post was a challenge.

Enjoy the weekend, someway, somehow.

[top image via Shutterstock]