We totally forgot to do a Meast & Least post for the Week 4 games, so allow us to correct that now. We’re pleased to announce that Tony Romo has once again won the Jeff George Memorial Least of the Week. He can put this one on the mantle next to his Week 1 Least, and as I write this a blitzing linebacker is approaching Romo’s blindside to knock the Week 2 Meast trophy out of his hands. After he retires, his most lasting legacy may be a collection of pictures of him lying on the ground in anguish.

Seriously, it’s HARD WORK to blow a 24-point second half lead. AT HOME. But three interceptions (two of them pick-sixes) will get the job done. As someone who drafted the Lions D in two fantasy leagues, I thank you, Tony Romo. Keep blowing games in memorable fashion. It’s incredibly fun to watch.

Your Meast from Week:

29-38 for 408 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT; 9 rushes for 36 yards and 2 TDs. If he’s on your fantasy team, you won. If you played against him, you lost. He’s really fucking good.

In closing, we also realize that it’s Friday afternoon, so here are a couple of Cowboys cheerleaders photographed during Romo’s meltdown. They look almost as happy as I was!

We’ll see you Sunday!