If you weren’t then, you are now.

The Eagles are 1-4. I hope that makes everyone as happy as it makes me. Here is some other stuff that happened during the early games.

• Victor Cruz made another ridiculous catch that was only possible because Eli Manning is a crappy quarterback. Under-throwing your double covered receiver is the new back shoulder pass.
• They were playing Nirvana in the stadium during the fourth quarter of the Giants/Seahawks game. Especially weird because they played in New York. Charlie Whitehurst led Seattle on a fourth quarter comeback, which is even weirder.
• Indianapolis blew a 17-point league and it wasn’t even Curtis Painter’s fault.
• The last holdouts have finally come around, Cam Newton officially “gets it.” The Panthers lost anyway.
• Pittsburgh and Tennessee reversed their own respective fortunes.
• Sebastian Janikowski honored the memory of Al Davis by kicking field goals of 42, 50, 54, and 55 yards while “tripping balls.”
• The Vikings scored 34 points and Donovan McNabb still only completed 10 passes. Adrian Peterson might be pretty good.
• Matt Cassel has been the best quarterback in the AFC since he was publicly berated by his dickhead coach. Something to remember if you ever find yourself coaching peewee football.

Here are the late games, scored according to the patented four (or sometimes five) star scoring system.

Tampa Bay at San Francisco **
San Diego at Denver **
New England at New York Jets ***