Before we get to the stuff you’d rather see, I wanted to share one final fundraising plea about the Special Operations Warrior Fund, the charity that benefits from me getting my ass kicked in Fight Gone Bad tomorrow. I made the stupid video above to talk briefly about it, and I also wanted to share the story of Keith Zeier.

This was from an email sent to me by Greta Zagarino, who helps run Sportsgrants (the non-profit that organizes Fight Gone Bad):

Keith Zeier became a Special Ops Marine when he was 17 after losing his best friend’s dad in 9/11 (fire fighter who was like his dad). He went to Iraq, and was injured from a road side bomb. He damaged his left leg and had some brain damage. He fought back and trained in CrossFit (in Brooklyn) and ran a 100 MILE RACE in Florida to “prove them wrong”. He collapsed in mile 75, but refused medical treatment and was able to finish in 31 hours. About a year later, his leg became infected and they had to amputate it. He is currently in San Antonio getting fit for his new prosthetic and is determined to do FGB6. This guy does not know what “quit” means.

He experienced first-hand the services of our beneficiary this year, The Special Operations Warrior Foundation. They don’t wait to be contacted, they are notified when any Special Ops is either injured or killed. If injured, they stop everything in the office and overnight a $2K check to the immediate family so they can fly to the injured’s bedside. Keith’s family was able to fly to see him right away, thanks to SOWF, and it really helped Keith’s spirits. If killed, SOWF GUARANTEES every child of that soldier a fully-paid four year college scholarship (even if the wife is pregnant). They currently have 866 children to fulfill, and 125 are currently in school. If we can give them $1 million dollars, that equals approximately 66 kids’ one year of tuition. This is the way we thank these guys.

So… yeah. This is an incredible foundation for incredible people who do incredible things. You can DONATE HERE. If I get to $30,000 by tomorrow morning, I’ll do the workout in these embarrassingly tight-fitting boxer briefs. Otherwise I’ll be doing them in regular ol’ cut-off jean shorts like a Funke-ian never nude.

Sayyyyyyy… SPEAKING OF CUT-OFF JEAN SHORTS, here are some women who wear them better than I do. Happy Friday, everybody. We’ll see you back here for Sunday’s games.

If none of those are salacious enough for you, I recommend the single-serving Tumblr Denim in Distress, which happens to be NSFW.