You’ve worked hard all week, dammit. In this economy, trying to waste time at work while not getting fired is no easy task. Bosses everywhere are cracking down on which way their employees’ computer monitors face, to the point that it’s hard to look at pictures of sexy women at your work computer while casually crossing and uncrossing your legs to stimulate your erection. You have NEEDS, man. You can’t be expected to just do twenty straight TPS reports and not look at some sexy women in between. You gotta reward yourself.

Well guess what? It’s Friday, and you earned it pal. You want pictures of butts? We got pictures of butts! This is AMERICA, man! Looking at pictures of sweet, sweet asses is a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. If you’re a true patriot, you’ll appreciate the pictures below.

Photo sources: Fuck Yeah Brazilian Girls, Just Brazilian Girls, Flesh and Blonde, Pussy le Queer, and Hot Hot Japan Hot. Many of those sites are NSFW.