Since the Super Bowl will feature two of the oldest teams in the NFL, how about a Sexy Friday dedicated to the babes of yesteryear? It’s some pretty lame reasoning to segue into black-and-white sexiness, but the important part here is the destination, not the mode of transportation. We shouldn’t have to justify our ogling, dammit.

More of Marilyn (and many more) below. And yes, we have some sexiness for the ladies and gays, too.

Mamie van Doren

Bettie Page

Brigitte Bardot

James Dean

Marilyn in ’56


Elvis Presley

Brigitte Bardot

James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor

Rita Hayworth

Audrey Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor

James Dean

Raquel Welch

Brigitte Bardot

Marilyn in ’55

Marilyn in ’57

Paul Newman

Sharon Tate