This is the first time that Sexy Friday has ever been headlined by a male, but I feel like Viggo Mortensen sending a death threat message in Eastern Promises (or putting a cigarette out on his tongue) is a little more appropriate with the blood feuds of Jets-Pats and Ravens-Steelers looming this weekend. Speaking of which, we’ll have live blogs for Packers-Falcons and Jets-Patriots this weekend. The other games will only be open threads because — believe it or not — sometimes we like to watch the football games without monitoring several thousand comments about which advertising spokeswomen you want to have sex with.

After the jump, let’s make things sexy for those of us who prefer to look at girls.

Now, we all know I have a passion for animated GIFs. So naturally, with the Internet being the Internet, my favorite image format has been co-opted for porn.

In case you’ve never seen it before, the ASTOUNDINGLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK fuckmaker is, from what I can tell, the premiere source of pornographic GIFs on Tumblr. Click on that link only if you’re not at work or anywhere near your wife/children.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you here this weekend.