Besides the chance to see the ol’ Double-J seethe outwardly, I need the Giants to win to make sure the goddamn Redskins won’t be tied for first place in the NFC East. “IT’S OKEE IF DONOVAN THROWS TWO PICKS A GEEM, COOCH, HE’S A WINNER! DEANGELO HALL WAS THE STEAL OF THE LAST FIVE YEARS!”

The Giants have been playing pretty well since getting pantsed in back-to-back weeks by the Colts and the Titans in September. The Cowboys, meanwhile, are in full-on meltdown mode, which delights me to no end, but is somewhat bittersweet since it also means no late-season collapse.

Okay, enough half-hearted analysis. Here’s a big tittied model in a Giants jersey:

Ah. Much better.

[Ignores game entirely so as to watch video on loop for the evening]

And if people didn’t get their rageboner satisfied by the previous post, here’s my Designed Rush feature at SB Nation. Feel free to tear it to shreds over there.