People who read me back in my With Leather days know that I, unlike any other man on the planet, have a thing for Scarlett Johansson. Well maybe not unlike any man, but certainly more than that pouf Ryan Reynolds. However, because it’s the Internet, every time I profess my love for her, I always have to deal with some troll saying that she’s fat or that she has a stupid tattoo or that she can’t act. To those people I say: shut up. You don’t need to act when you take pictures like this.

For those of you who prefer Sexy Friday alternative programming, well, let’s see what we can do about that…

Say hello to Paz de la Huerta, who instantly became a better actress than Scarlett the moment she showed off her fantastic naked body in “Boardwalk Empire.” If you don’t have the wonders of HBO, then you can watch this NSFW video of Paz modeling.

She does a lot of naked modeling, actually. For example, you can see her naked in French Playboy here, here, here, here, and most spectacularly here. Here she is astride another naked woman (also here and here). And, of course, there’s your run-of-the-mill nude fashion modeling here, here, and here. Best actress ever? Best. Actress. Ever.

Enjoy the weekend. We’ll be back Sunday.