It’s a bit of a special weekend here at KSK, because the six of us will be gathering together for the first time in over a year and half. The reason? Our own Unsilent Majority is getting married. TO A GIRL! THAT’S GREAT HUSTLE!

What’s more, Maj will be marrying a girl that he met through this very website. It’s true. (Yes, he’s getting married during the NFL season. No, we don’t know why. I got married during the season as well and still don’t know how it happened.) eHarmony can go blow Maurice Morris, because WE were responsible for bringing Maj and his lovely bride together.

Back in 2007, we held a Keeper league contest. One of the entries came from Sarah Schorno. This was Sarah’s entry (mildly NSFW after the jump):

Things I WILL NOT do:

1. Send you naked photos of my tits. They’re average at best.

2. Leave stupid and lame comments on any KSK posts related to the league just to have something to say.

3. Forget to set my lineup, leaving in injured and/or bye week players making a jackass of myself and a mockery of the league.

4. Make idiotic trades just because I’m female.

5. Be afraid to call you out if you make any aforementioned idiotic trade offers.

6. Be a homer and fill my team full of Giants. I don’t even want most of them on my team in real life. (Editor’s note: Total lie. Manningham and Kevin Boss are on her roster as we speak.)

Things I WILL do:

1. Send you topless pictures of other girls whose tits are better looking than mine.

2. Make fun of Punter on a weekly basis for entering the Gay Asshat Hot Blogger contest and not making it past the second round.

3. Pay my league fees with a check that won’t bounce.

4. Not be offended when, in a fit of rage after getting his ass kicked by me, BDD calls me a two cent cum dumpster.

5. Unapologetically kick everyone’s ass.

Attached is a photo because, well, if you’re gonna have some pussy in the league she may as well be decent to look at.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to kicking your asses.


That was sent on June 18th, 2007. After that, she and Maj exchanged emails, and true love was born. They spend all their time together, except when Maj is busy fellating a vaporizer. Now they live in a house and have forty dogs that piss all over the fucking place. It’s blissful.

When we started this site, I don’t think any of us expected a marriage to come out of it. A divorce, to be certain. But a marriage? Highly unlikely. This is a blog. It’s an inherently stupid and pointless endeavor. So for something as real and true as an actual marriage to come out of it, well I think that’s pretty great.

So raise your glasses with me, won’t you? Let us toast Maj and his lovely bride to be, and let us wish them a wonderful life filled with cleaning up doggie pee and minimal gambling losses. And may their honeymoon be filled with fruity drinks and tubing of the Rex Ryan variety. Congratulations, you two crazy kids. We love ya.

Now, how about some hot bride shots, AMIRITE?