Here’s the trailer for VH1’s upcoming reality show, “Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.” It features Chad Ochocinco searching for love from a large field of women who are put into a bracket and must advance towards Chad’s heart, tournament-style. It appears to be similar to “Flavor of Love,” except the women are (slightly) less trashy and the male prize isn’t some creepy washed-up hobbit.

There’s a lot to learn here, too. At one point in the video, Chad tells a suitor, “Kisses open an emotional gate.” Sounds to me like SOMEONE is ready to guest-author the KSK mailbag.

Anyway, that brings us to today’s commenter draft topic:

NFL Player You’d Like to See Have His Own Reality Dating Show.

The Rules: Along with your pick, you must present a title for the show. Example: “Ray Lewis: A Stab at Love.” Retired players are fair game, as are married players (just pretend that the present wife died of, say, breast cancer. Or in a church fire.) As always, wait for ten other commenters to select before commenting again.

The official KSK first pick of the draft: While it would be nice to pick Brett Favre and watch him be forced to make a decision every week, the last thing we want to see is more Favre. So that leads us to…

“Quarter Past Rape: Making Time with Big Ben.” The twist is that none of the women on the show want to have sex with Roethlisberger. WHO WILL SUCCESSFULLY EVADE THE BATHROOM STAGE?