Whoa, put ‘em on the glass.

Captain Caveman was supposed to handle the Sexy Friday post. But he got stuck doing blogger shiz or drinking or whatever it is Brooklyn dudes do on Friday afternoons in February. So, I’m pinch-hitting. C.C. has set the bar pretty high, so I want to do Sexy Friday up to his standards. So I asked myself before writing this: “WWCCD?”

That took about a second to figure out. You see, Caveman’s got a thing for Olivia Wilde like you wouldn’t believe (unless you’ve seen these pictures– in which case it’s quite believable, I suppose). I’ve seen House maybe once, so I had a vague idea who she was before he started bombarding us with his lust-inspired Olivia Trivia. You should hear the way he goes on about this chick:

“She visited Haiti before the earthquake and gave a shit about it before it was cool. ”

“She’s so funny. She tweets stuff like this.”

“She’s so exquisite, I can’t even be mad at her for being married to an Italian prince.”

“She’s so literate, she changed her last name to ‘Wilde’ as a tribute to Oscar Wilde.”

Dude, IMDB says her real last name is “Cockburn”; so it’s just as plausible that she changed her name as a tribute to not being named “Cockburn.” Anyhoo, I could go on some more about Caveman’s puppy-dog crush or I can make with the pics. And since I know why you’re all here to begin with…




Enjoy your weekend.