This week I went through my various image folders and deleted hundreds of jpeg files. None of them were of Scarlett Johansson. Anyway, this is ol’ ScarJo in a recent photo shoot for one of the European versions of one of the big fashion magazines. Do you really care which one? Because I don’t.

If clicking on that for the full resolution isn’t good enough for you, then may I suggest one of our supplemental sexy links today — first, in the safe-for-work category: Russian cheerleaders! They’re like American cheerleaders, but you can offer to pay them for sex without them getting all uppity. For the ladies, we once again direct you to Shirtless Gents. We, uh, don’t exactly go trailblazing for sources of hot dudes. Sorry.

And for those of you away from prying eyes, today’s NSFW treat is the Paula Aguiar collection at F Yeah Brazilian Girls. How awesome is she? Well, I looked for pictures of her where she wasn’t at least partially nude, and I couldn’t find any. That’s a good woman right there. The kind of woman that’ll get you all the way to Sunday afternoon. See  y’all then.