They released the Pro Bowl rosters last night. Now, you don’t give a shit about the Pro Bowl and neither do I. And yet… for no reason at all… I care deeply about whether or not people from my team are voted onto the thing, and get crazy pissed when someone from my team has been snubbed (even though the snubbed player will probably end up playing in the game as an alternate). What? Cedric Benson didn’t make the squad? OUTRAGEOUS!!!! No Brent Celek? THAT’S FUCKED!

I have no idea why I feel this way. No watches the Pro Bowl, and I’m not the one who stands to gain a substantial bonus if said player makes the Pro Bowl. Yet, for whatever reason, I find myself interested in Pro Bowl voting. They should replace the game itself with a live voting meeting, complete with phone calls from fans and shit like that. I’d watch it for five hours. I really would.

(By the way, eight players from my favorite team made the Pro Bowl this year, and there’s no way Bryant McKinnie deserved to be on that team. At all. He’s fucking terrible.)

Anyway, your Meast of the Week is Charles Woodson of the Packers.

What did Woodson do this week? I’m not even sure. All I know is that Woodson has been measty all season long, and we give this shit to skill players far too often. So Woodson gets it.

And your Least of the week? Well, it pains me to do this, but yeah.

Try holding onto the ball there, Tiki. You asshole.