reid hit by dante grimey

…Grimey! It was tough to pick one winner from all of those submissions, but Grimey’s won out in the end. Continue after the jump for some additional awards…

A special .gif award goes out to the estimable LSU Freek for this entry…

reid single ladies freek

The volume award goes to none other than Pirate Sloth who came through with an incredible 24 submissions. Here are my favorites from the bunch. If you’d like to see more just click here for the full gallery.

Reid - Recall pirate slothreid whoop that trick pirate slothReid truffle shuffle pirate slothreid the scream pirate sloth

There were a lot of other fantastic entries, and I’ll be posting them shortly in a separate gallery. Thanks to all of you who took the time to entertain the rest of us, and thanks again to Pfah for getting this whole thing going.