It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and therefore high time for lethargy. I think the summation of my actions today include eating a few leftovers, typing out a few lazily composed blog posts and catching a matinee show of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Wait, that’s actually a comparatively ACTIVE day by my standards. Best get to the sexiness so I lie back down.



Kelly Brook

[First three images from the always excellent Cleavage Lover. The last from Sexy Tumblr of the Week: Fuck Yeah Kelly Brook]

And here’s our regular sop of sexiness to the ladies:


He really fills out that pilgrim costume, does he not? AND he’s a Lions fan? No way he forsakes you for football ever again. But best watch out, young maidens. It looks like he might be taken. His betrothed swings a mean drumstick.

Just kidding. Here’s a site called Shirtless Gents & Hunks. Because who can choose between the two, amiright?