Stand at attention.

While last week’s individual game picks left a bit to be desired, the prop bets were quite successful. And hey, it worked once, so why not press our luck a bit? Continue after the jump for this week’s picks, a collection of the most enticing proposition wagers available to degenerate internet sports gamblers.

Total Sacks Of Aaron Rodgers Week 8 vs the Minnesota Vikings OVER 3.5

Let’s see, the Vikings average just over 3.5 sacks per game and the Packers have yielded a league-worst 4.1 on average. Book it, and hope that Chad Clifton is still gimpy.

Total Receiving Yards for Miles Austin Week 8 vs the Seattle Seahawks OVER 79.5 (-125)


Assuming of course that he’s not too busy leading an attack on the Shaolin Temple, in which case I’ll be very disappointed.

Which will be higher on Sunday November 1st 2009?

Donovan McNabb TD Passes vs the Giants (-130)
Ryan Howard Hits vs the Yankees EVEN

Sure, sounds good to me.

What will Alex Smith throw more of Week 8 of the 2009 NFL Regular Season?

TD Passes (+105)
Interceptions (-135)

In his first start since 2007 Smith goes up against a Colts defense that has surrendered exactly two passing touchdowns on the year. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a continuation of the Vernon Davis touchdownkkake this week. Of course he’ll probably throw one of each for a push, because he’s completely useless like that.

If Jake Delhomme starts Week 8 vs the Arizona Cardinals, what will happen first?

He will throw a TD Pass 3/2
He will throw an Interception 1/1
He will get pulled from the game for another QB 5/1
Large scale riots leaving the city of Charlotte in total ruin* 10/1

Even money on Jake Delhomme throwing an interception? God bless America…and Antigua (or wherever the fuck my money is going these days).

*Or was it “None of the above?” Eh, fuck it. Enjoy the games, and be sure to punch anybody dressed up like Jon and/or Kate this weekend.

All lines via Bodog
Image via SI