It’s time to check in with the delicious and the debaucherous people that walk among us, taking pictures of themselves at exactly the wrong moments. This will be review for some of you, but we have a feeling that you won’t mind…


This is more of an undercard, but it’s Audrina Patridge, so quit complaining. She’s sitting atop the heap over at Hot Chicks On The Twitter, which apparently has renamed themselves Hot.Chicks.That.Tweet, which sounds at lot like “Hot Chicks That Queef.” Change is bad, good people, unless you’re sitting in front of a parking meter. Some of you will hate her anyway because she was on The Hills, so let’s move on.


Heading more toward the People’s Republic of Filth now, I shudder to think that the answer to the question, “Is She Filthy?” will always be “uh, yeah.” The same internet that allowed these ladies to order such headscratching (among other places) paraphernalia is the very fountain of shame that emits the water of truth that may or may not be washing over them. The front page is Safe For Work, the links are not.


If you prefer more of a multiple choice format, there’s Guess Her Muff, which was actually based on a failed 1970s game show hosted by the dapper Wink Martindale. Again, the front page is Safe For Work, the links are not.Only that show had more to do with fur-lined women’s accessories. That you would buy in a store. I felt the need to make the distinction there. GHM also seems to have more than their share of old bitches on her for you gross fucks, too. Not that we’re judging…