I understand that the weather is the single most mundane subject on the planet, but allow me to briefly say THANK GOD.  It’s finally becoming actual summer on the East Coast.  I didn’t want to bitch about The Rainiest June Ever because I appreciated my balls not stewing in sweat, but dammit, summer’s supposed to start Memorial Day weekend.  You gypped us a full month of girls in sundresses, Weather Systems!  I’ll make the earth pay for this!

/empties entire can of hairspray into the air

Anyway, now that it’s finally warm and sunny, let’s celebrate with some bikinis.  No famous models in this gallery, though — I prefer the illusion that these women aren’t too good for me.  Except for the girl whose head is cut off.  I think I could probably land a headless girl.  Just gotta find the right graveyard.


(all images via Cleavage Lover)