• I heard a while back that the Raiders had entered into a market agreement with a Malaysian airline. What I didn’t know was that the deal called for planes to be decorated with Raiderettes. Certainly makes waiting on the runway more bearable for sex tourists and whoever the hell else goes to Malaysia.
  • The NFL has confirmed its long-rumored plans to convert the NFL draft into a three day affair. Starting next year, the first round will be held during prime time on Thursday night. The second and third rounds will be Friday night, with the remainder following on Saturday. All I’m saying is that “The Office” better be a rerun that night otherwise I’m bailing on the draft. I’ll take Creed Bratton over Roger Goodell any time.
  • NFL blogger Pat Yasinskas speculates that that they may be no teams interested in Mike Vick. I have a hard time believing this. Allow me to toss out a few names: Todd Bouman, Damon Huard, David “Mittens” Carr. As long as these humps can find work, there will be a place for Vick on an NFL roster. You know what attaches an even worse stigma to NFL teams than employing an ex-convict puppy killer? Losing, that’s what.
  • The man who previously accused Marvin Harrison of shooting him, now claims Harrison was behind his most recent attack. Someone shot Dwight Dixon seven times in Dirty North Philly Tuesday. Dixon reportedly told police on the scene that Harrison, who hasn’t been charged in either incident, was somehow responsible. Police reported that Dixon was hit in the chest, stomach and arms– thus ruling out JaMarcus Russell as a suspect. [ Newsflash (for some): Dwight Dixon guy is not the same guy as former Oregon U. QB Dennis Dixon. ]
  • In case you still don’t have plans for the weekend [SPOILER ALERT], Secret Dwarf Hooker seems like a pretty chill movie.
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