I’ve always been amazed by humanity’s ravenous sexual appetite and the way it creates different twists on the good ol’ penis-in-the-vagina trick that’s always worked for me.  But one little peccadillo like toe-sucking or anal sex is never enough.  Oh no, we have to combine fetishes.

– “You know, bondage and sado-masochism isn’t really doing it for me any more — can I get this in interracial?”
– “This pregnant sex would be so much better if she were a redhead.”
– “Why do they have to be human corpses?  Can I get some bestiality in my necrophilia?”

However, I find no combination as simple and satisfying as the Asian nurse.  She’s sweet!  She’s submissive!  She’s sexy!  She’s here to swab my urethra!

Below: many more pictures of Asian women in the medical industry their parents pressured them to join.


(with thanks to Cleavage Lover for the inspiration)