To say that this video, which follows the twin plights of two San Diego Chargers Girls hopefuls, is the greatest video on YouTube is less hyperbole than it is an indisputable truth. Along the way we meet and fall in love with Melanie, a perky blonde who came up short her first time in San Diego but found a home with Seattle’s Sea Gals.  Then we meet and fall in love with Nagisa, a super-hot Japanese woman who barely speaks English (Engrish, if you will), and we forget all about that tramp Melanie.  When Nagisa says her name, it sounds vaguely like “next time,” and her pronounciation of “cheerleading” comes closer to “chilling.”  So adorable.  Like a baby duck you want to have sex with.

Do they make the team?  Do they get sent home?  It’s a five-minute voyage of cleavage, booty shorts, hair-flipping, gyrations, and one Asian accent that will send you straight to the massage parlor.

(Bonus Sexy Friday goodness: Brazilian Facebook girls)