Ashlee: Hey? Hey you guys? I can’t find my contact!

Britnee: Hang on, Britnee. I’ll help you look!

Courtnee: There’s a puppy across the street! That makes me happy!

 Ashlee: Not now, Courtnee! I have to find my contact! Or the varsity will leave without us!

Britnee: Just ignore her. She always gets stupid when puppies are around. 

Ashlee: What a bitch.

Britnee: Total bitch.

 Ashlee: Stupid bitch.

Britnee: We’ll find it, let’s just keep looking. 

Ashlee: Thanks, Brit. You’re such a good friend!

Courtnee: I think I’ll find that puppy a stick! [runs off]

Ashlee: I hope she impales herself on that stick!

Britnee: I hope that dog eats her whole stupid face.

Ashlee: What a bitch.

Britnee: Total bitch.

Ashlee: [yelling] Stupid bitch!

Britnee: So Ashlee?

Ashlee: Yeah, Brit?

Britnee: I want to eat your asshole out.

Ashlee: …what?

Britnee: It’s just that…I really like you, Ash. I just think that you’re so pretty, and I love being your friend. But I…I want to be more than just your friend.

Ashlee: But…you ARE more than my friend. You’re my best friend, Brit!

Britnee: Ashlee, I have to tongue out your anus. I need this. I need you. I need your butt.

Ashlee: Brit…you’re really making me uncomfortable.

Britnee: Just…just give me ten minutes. Okay? Five minutes? Just let me get the lay of the land in Hershey Valley.

Ashlee: No!

Britnee: Please?

Ashlee: [pauses] I found it! [pulls contact out of the grass and runs off]

Britnee: Dammit. [yelling] Come on Courtnee, let’s okay!

Courtnee: That doggie was really neat! I named him Fred!

Britnee: Whatever, let’s just go before Ashlee leaves us here.

Courtnee: Okay. So…is Ashlee gonna let you rim her?

Britnee: Oh yeah, I’m gonna lick that pooper til there’s no hole left.

Courtnee: Nice. Just don’t grab her by the insides of her thighs. She hates that. [Courtnee runs up to the car]

Britnee: CUNT!