**clears throat** Ready?  Okay, let’s do this:

  • Easter? I hardly know her.
  • The Easter boner came early this year.
  • This reminds me of Bambi, because I’d like to Thumper.
  • Guess what also rose on Easter?
  • Looks like she’s smuggling some Easter hams.
  • I’d venture down her rabbit hole.
  • I’ve got something that can find her hidden eggs.
  • Her alfalfa patch appears to be free of hares.
  • Call Animal Control… there’s a rabbit bitch on the loose.

And.  We’re.  Spent.  Have a good holiday.  Check back Monday for an appearance from one (or more) of the site’s most beloved KSKharacters.

(Check out the full gallery of women dressed as bunnies over at Gunaxin.)