I think we can all agree that football is 200% more awesome in the snow.  The NFL is better when it’s a cold-weather game.  Snow makes shitty games meaningful.  Being able to see linemen’s breath before the snap is, quite simply and for reasons I cannot possibly explain, totally fucking cool.

The drawback to cold-weather football is that it’s unfriendly to the friendliest of NFL employees, our beloved cheerleaders.  For whatever reason, as soon as it drops below 50 degrees, they feel the need to wear more than hot pants and halter tops, ignoring the simple truth that they’d stay warm if they just danced harder.  Alas, their union reps must have won them the rights to wear things like this:

A quick note for cheerleading squads facing less-than-ideal weather conditions: spandex body stockings: good; shitty windbreakers: shitty.

And so, in the interest of fairness, let us examine a specimen from the lower latitudes.

Like I was saying, football in the snow is total bullshit.

(Top photo from Project 119)