Baby, I want you to do something for me this Sexy Friday. Something wild. Something crazy. Something extra double sexy.

Baby, I want you to leave your top on.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Well, that doesn’t sound so sexy. What’s more sexy than me taking my top off, you crazy man?” Baby, you have to understand. Don’t get me wrong. You have got yourself a gorgeous body under that tight sweater of yours. And there is nothing that dazzles me more than when you take that sweater off and take me on a magical ride to Toplessville.

But just this once, just tonight, I want you to leave that top on. I want to preserve the anticipation. I want to preserve the mystery. I want to preserve the excitement. I want to preserve the adamantium rod in my pants. By all means, go ahead and take everything else off. Except the shoes. The shoes have to stay. In fact, change out of those shoes and put on the heels.

Oh yeah, that is most sexy.

There’s nothing sexier than a bottomless woman. Because she’s still dressed, but god dammit she is still pretty damn NAKED. It’s like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day happening all at once. Or, if you’re Jewish, it’s like…. Well, I can’t place the Jewish equivalent. It’s like a bottomless Emmanuelle Chriqui, which I have not seen yet, but hope to see very soon.

So leave your top on tonight, baby. There’s something so sexy about you leaving that top on. It’s makes the fact that you have no pants on so, so, so much naughtier.

And that’s all I ask for on a Sexy Friday.