Can you believe KSK used to be one of those pussy-ass narrow blogs? Sad but true. But we’ve seen the light, and it’s coming from a web page that uses the full width of the monitor.

Let’s get one thing clear: if your blog doesn’t have widescreen pictures, your blog SUCKS. What, you think people are gonna check out what you have to say because you can form cogent arguments with high-minded prose? WRONG.

Give the people what they want: BIG PICTURES. OF BIG TITTIES.

Examine, please, Sexy Friday’s Exhibit B:

If this picture were smaller, you wouldn’t be able to see the hole from her absent navel piercing, and this additional piece of information from the greater detail enlightens further discussion: Does the Tampa Bay cheer squad forbid belly button rings while the girls are in uniform? It would certainly seem that way; most squads have similar rules that require makeup over any tattoos.

So lemme get this straight. They have to wear tight, revealing clothing that showcases their bodies and enhances their cleavage while they perform sexy dance moves… but no navel piercings! Why, that would take away from their demure image! “You know, I bet most of these girls are bankers or lawy–OH MY GOD! Is that a belly button ring?!?! GET OFF THE FIELD WHORE!!!”