greg schiano

Dominic Raiola dove at knees at final whistle because the Patriots scored too much

By PFT Commenter

The Lions center decided that if you cant put up a W you can at leased make your opponets leg look like one.

Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer Tried To Give The Game Away, Then He Won It

By Christmas Ape | 6 Comments

Brian Hoyer threw two terrible late interceptions, then led the Browns to a game-winning drive.

Big Sandy

Transcript: sideline conversation between Cutler and Marshall

By Big Sandy | 4 Comments

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xmas ape

KSK Week in Review: NFL Ouroboros Is Back

By Christmas Ape | 470 Comments

Give NFL teams enough weeks together and they'll eat each other.

3 Nerds in a basement

How Cam Newton got hacked

By David Rappoccio | 33 Comments

Brought to you by Mountain Dew Call of Duty flavor and poorly conceived passwords.

Always Be Covering

Always Be Covering: Week 12

By Unsilent Majority | 16 Comments

Your Week 12 gambling and online ticket ordering advice.