Marshawn Lynch Ends Holdout

By Christmas Ape | 22 Comments

Lynch gets to be 'bout that action again.

eric berry

Chiefs Apparently Playing 2014 Without Secondary

By Trevor Risk | 38 Comments

For a team that got embarrassed and destroyed by having a cheesecloth secondary in the playoffs last year, the Chiefs sure haven't made moves to secure that side of their defense, whether or not it's because of salary cap space or bad luck with injuries.

denver broncos

Peyton’s Letters from training camp #1: Eli, you’re being a baby

By Sarah Sprague | 45 Comments

Peyton writes back to Eli with sage older brother advice (which means insulting).

Atlanta Falcons

KSK Training Camp Round Up Week 1: Hard Hits

By Sarah Sprague | 69 Comments

Well isn't that just the cutest tackle you've ever seen?

ksk kontent klearinghouse

KLEARINGHOUSE: Patrick Peterson Celebrates New Contract With Crying Emojis

By Christmas Ape | 31 Comments

Patrick Peterson has more money and Richard Sherman is going to hear about it.

Komments of the Week

Kommentariat Komments of the Week: July 23-29, 2014

By Sarah Sprague | 49 Comments

Welcome to the KSK Kommentariat, where you can smell the season coming.

Jay Cutler is a Cat

KILL KILL KILL: Jay Cutler Shreds Arizona

By Christmas Ape | 34 Comments

Yet he DOOOONNNN'TTT CCCCCAAAAARRRRREEEEEE enough to finish the job.

Al Davis

YEEE-HAAAAA! The Oakland Raiders could move to San Antonio, Texas

By Sarah Sprague | 66 Comments

Don't know much about physics, but pretty sure you can move the Black Hole to Texas.