No one cares about the Texans

Antonio Brown Reversed a Pitch And Threw A Touchdown Pass To Give The Steelers The Lead

By Christmas Ape

Pretty crazy play among Pittsburgh's mad flurry of points late in the first half.

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Texans-Steelers MNF Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 605 Comments

Houston was comfortably ahead with five minutes to go in the half, then the Steelers exploded for 24 points.

ben rongrastname

Texans-Steelers MNF Live Blog

By Christmas Ape | 807 Comments

J.J. Watt almost single-handedly beat the Colts, which means he should be able to defeat the Steelers.

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Your Monday Night Football Steelers Vs. Texans BINGO card

By PFT Commenter | 5 Comments

"Its Pittsburgh verse Houston in a battle of which city can eat more unhealthily on a consistent basis and still havea auro of superorty"

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All The Different Ways Peyton Manning’s Career Could End

By Johnny Sugar | 10 Comments

Let's look at some of the different possibilities for how #18 might ride off into the sunset.

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KLEARINGHOUSE: Trouble In Bearadise

By Christmas Ape | 32 Comments

Plus Doug Baldwin admits that the Seahawks were affected by the Percy Harvin trade on Sunday.

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Peter King Says Calvin Johnson Has Secretly Been Ruining the Lions By Being So Good

By Christmas Ape | 105 Comments

Also some very nearly pornographic details about Peyton Manning and Brett Favre.

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Broncos Beat 49ers Badly Enough to Bring Forth Blaine Gabbert

By Christmas Ape | 43 Comments

Good thing Peyton set the record in the first half so no one needed to watch the second.


NFL Celebrates Passing Record With Dumb Shirt

By Spilly | 27 Comments

Hate teen Tory? Unless this is some kind of grassroots Whig resurgence campaign, there's no need for this shirt to exist.

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49ers-Broncos SNF Live Blog, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 686 Comments

And now 30 more minutes of football during which hopefully no records will be set.


Chiefs Overcome Idiot Receiving Corps to Beat Laserface

By Trevor Risk | 12 Comments

Gave us the frustrated Marmalard footage we crave so.