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A Guide To Hosting An Awesome Super Bowl Party If You Don’t Give A F**k About Getting Fat

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 6 Comments

How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy all the bad-for-you food during the Super Bowl.

xmas ape

There’s a Ballghazi ‘Person of Interest’

By Christmas Ape | 35 Comments

The NFL has found an underling to pin everything on!

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Richard Sherman on Ballghazi: Patriots Won’t Be Punished So Long As Kraft and Goodell are BFFs

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 104 Comments

Richard Sherman said Roger Goodell is biased in favor of Robert Kraft then GQ drops a longread with an NFL exec saying Kraft is basically the assistant commissioner.


NFLShop Was Selling a Plaque That Featured Marshawn Lynch Grabbing His Crotch

By Christmas Ape | 21 Comments

The plaque is no longer for sale and the NFL says it never should have been.

xmas ape

Your Kickoff-Free Pro Bowl Open Thread

By Christmas Ape | 1,430 Comments

Watch the NFL experiment with rule changes it isn't ready to implement yet!


Bill Belichick Gives Surprise Saturday Science Lecture

By Christmas Ape | 69 Comments

A very boring Saturday interruption. Thanks Ballghazi!

PFT Commenter

Outside the Lines: the Steelers security team operates above the law

By PFT Commenter | 20 Comments

I guess they call it Outside the Lines because it does a bad job coloring the Steelers as a organization folks.

Johnny Sugar

Things To Do Instead Of Watching The Pro Bowl

By Johnny Sugar | 35 Comments

There are many things to do that don't involve watching the Pro Bowl.

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KSK Celebrity Super Bowl Pickkake: Keith Olbermann

By Johnny Sugar | 29 Comments

Before I get to my Super Bowl prediction, a special comment: