Komments of the Week

Kommentariat Comments of the Week: October 22-28, 2014

By Sarah Sprague | 30 Comments

Jay Cutler wants to go to Barcelona because he heard it was in Catalonia.

Unsilent Majority

LOLNFL: Week 8

By Unsilent Majority | 26 Comments

Gay Hooters jokes make their way to LOLNFL.

Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans radio station, fans troll the Falcons

By Big Sandy | 10 Comments

Saints fans trying to convince the Falcons to keep Mike Smith.

New York Jets

Jets Fans React Completely Reasonably

By Spilly | 188 Comments

Congratulations, Jets fans, you nearly broke me.

PFT Commenter

Jason Babin debunks global warming, finally

By PFT Commenter | 6 Comments

"And Babin would know a thing or two about scamming people out of money based on one fluky statiscal year, folks."