Komments of the Week

Kommentariat Komments of the Week: July 16 – 22nd, 2014

By Trevor Risk | 17 Comments

"If I ran the ESPYs, the courage award would have went to Greg Schiano for having the courage to be Greg Schiano."

Because Wet Hot American Summer is the best that's why

A Sneak Preview Of Select NFL Training Camp Schedules

By Unsilent Majority | 15 Comments

Review the whole holding the ball while running thing because some people clearly weren't paying attention.

Chris Kluwe

A sneak peek at Chris Kluwe’s new book

By David Rappoccio | 19 Comments

Chapter Five: Why Twilight Sparkle is the best pony

Cleveland Browns

Everything is coming up Cleveland this morning in the NFL

By Sarah Sprague | 77 Comments

The Cleve is hot hot hot, because everyone is a winner before camp starts.

it's satire people

White History Month- Top 10 White Owners in the History of the NFL

By PFT Commenter | 55 Comments

Who is the whitest of the white owners? NOT SO FAST BON JOVI. You don't have a team yet.

xmas ape

Sexy Friday Takes Five

By Christmas Ape | 362 Comments

I'm on vacation. Don't call me.