running backs loving boy bands

We’re Here For You, Eric Dickerson

By Christmas Ape | 37 Comments

Eric Dickerson is having all the feels about One Direction right now.

ksk kontent klearinghouse

KLEARINGHOUSE: Randy Gregory Is This Draft’s Victim of The Demon Weed

By Christmas Ape | 95 Comments

A likely top-10 pick tested positive for weed, an annual story we're forced to pretend to care about.

xmas ape

KILL KILL KILL: Your Aunt’s Handbag Challenge

By Christmas Ape | 15 Comments

Leopard and python do battle to avoid being made into a handbag.

Big Sandy

The NFL’s new looming crisis: Millennials

By Big Sandy | 106 Comments

Tom Coughlin said the Giants did a study on millennials because no one understands these no-good kids these days.

Reasonable Fans

Jeremy Clarkson Fans React Completely Reasonably

By Spilly | 129 Comments

Top Gear's man baby host got fired and fans reacted completely reasonably.

patron saint

North Dakotans Really Love Fred Biletnikoff For Some Reason

By Christmas Ape | 100 Comments

And Iowans love the Patron Saint, but we understand that.

new england patriots

Woody Johnson and Bob Kraft Are Having Another Classic Billionaire’s Brawl

By Christmas Ape | 32 Comments

The Jets and Patriots have filed tampering charges against the other relating to Darrelle Revis.

Minnesota Vikings

The Travel Channel Presents: Teddy Bridgewater, World Traveler and Wing Enthusiast

By StuScott Booyahs | 20 Comments

"Iā€™m Teddy Bridgewater. I write. I travel. I play quarterback for the Vikings. I eat wings. And Iā€™m hungry FOR MORE."