David Rappoccio

Bears officially in F*** it mode; start Jimmy Clausen

By David Rappoccio | 150 Comments

There hasn't been a disaster quite as loud this season as the 2014 Chicago Bears.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton plays Santa Claus instead of preparing for football game

By PFT Commenter | 59 Comments

Apparently everyone in the school got a big assembly because its wasnt enough for Newton to be the only one without any class.

Unsilent Majority

LOLNFL: Week 15

By Unsilent Majority | 23 Comments

Jay Gruden asks for some advice from the master.


Saints fans making a run at “worst”

By Big Sandy | 35 Comments

Saints fans allegedly steal owners' seats and assault him

buffalo bills

The Bills Bought Pizza For The Lions For Letting Them Use Ford Field

By Christmas Ape | 34 Comments

The Lions let the Bills use their stadium during the blizzard in November and for that they got pizza.

Andrew Hawkins

Talk radio host Dan Sileo gives his thoughts on “I can’t breathe” from inside a toilet stall

By PFT Commenter | 25 Comments

The morning show host would like you to know what he thinks about civil rights issues while also taking a crap.

ksk kontent klearinghouse

KLEARINGHOUSE: Tom Brady Swearing Draws FCC Complaints

By Christmas Ape | 49 Comments

Apparently not all of America appreciates Tom Brady's cussing like we do.

chicago bears

Saints Defeat Bears To Capture First Place; Cutler Hightails It

By Christmas Ape | 78 Comments

Jay Cutler getting out of his press conference while the getting was good.

Breesus Christ

Saints-Bears MNF, Second Half

By Christmas Ape | 689 Comments

Bears out-uglying the Saints early.