xmas ape

KSK Week In Review: Eternal Ghost Flames

By Christmas Ape | 218 Comments

With next weekend full of names being read on a dais (or at a military base), better make the most of this weekend.

a door will fly open at ksk tomorrow


By Trevor Risk | 23 Comments

"I used to laugh at Peyton when he graduated to the NFL and didn’t get popsicles and sprinkler time, but the joke was on me!"

Johnny Sugar

“You Know What’s Better Than NFL Money? More Money.”: A.J. Francis Attempts To Become An Uber Driver

By Johnny Sugar | 48 Comments

NFL players getting an offseason job isn't unheard of, though Uber driver is a new one.

new england patriots

Tee Hee, The President Has Deflated Ball Jokes

By Christmas Ape | 95 Comments

Obama brushing up on his humor in advance of the Correspondents' Dinner.

FJM style

Let’s Unpack This Stupid PFT Column About Greg Hardy

By Johnny Sugar | 58 Comments

The NFL is conspiring to ruin our Thanksgiving dinner conversation, according to one PFT writer.

xmas ape

NFL Concussion Settlement Gets Final Approval Though NFL Accepts No Liability

By Christmas Ape | 25 Comments

Retired, ailing players will get some money. Eventually. And not quite as much as they should. Yay!


Tebow TEBOW Fans TEBOW React TEBOW Completely Reasonably

By Spilly | 113 Comments

So you signed Tim Tebow! I’m guessing you have some things to say about that.

fun with quarterbacks

Here’s All The Fourth-String Quarterback News You Could Possibly Want!

By Johnny Sugar | 21 Comments

All the other irrelevant quarterbacks feel jilted with all these relentless Tim Tebow coverage.

2015 NFL schedule

The KSK Guide To The 2015 NFL Matchups You Won’t Want To Miss!

By RobotsFightingDinosaurs | 64 Comments

It's been a long wait, sports fans, but at long last the NFL regular season schedule has finally been released!

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