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There’s a Gronk Party Bus At The Super Bowl And It’s Being Driven By Someone Named Goon

By Christmas Ape | 2 Comments

It's the ideal Super Bowl viewing experience if you don't want to remember the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons

NFL investigating the Falcons for pumping in crowd noise

By Big Sandy | 11 Comments

The NFL has been investigating the Atlanta Falcons for allegedly pumping in fake crowd noise to the Georgia Dome for the last two seasons.


Start Your Super Bowl Sunday with the Dumbest, Hottest Take of the Year

By Spilly | 21 Comments

We already have what could be the HOTTEST TAKE OF 2015, and it's only February 1.


Alternative Junkpouch Manufacturer To Support Marshawn Lynch

By Spilly | 41 Comments

You know what we haven't talked enough about recently? Balls.

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KSK Week in Review: I’m Just Here So I Can Be Intrinsically Fulfilled

By Christmas Ape | 173 Comments

Only two more days of nonsense before we have a football game.

2015 super bowl


By Trevor Risk | 24 Comments

What’s most unfortunate for the 2014 Seattle Seahawks is that the season format is dead.

Always Be Covering

Always Be Covering: Super Bowl

By Unsilent Majority | 40 Comments

It's the last chance to gamble on football for a while. Do it wisely.

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This Week Is The Super Bowl of Professional Joint Rolling

By Christmas Ape | 38 Comments

I'm just happy to live in a nation where joint-rolling speed is increasingly becoming an important job skill.

Charles Barkley

Josh Gordon Is Fed Up With Your Hot Takes, Everyone

By Johnny Sugar | 53 Comments

The Browns receiver fires back at Charles Barkley, Cris Carter and Stephen A. Smith.