xmas ape

KSK Week In Review: Trading Places

By Christmas Ape | 164 Comments

A week of franchise tags and veterans getting cut was saved by trades and pizza rolls.


There are too many Brandon Marshalls

By Spilly | 14 Comments

Once again, the Broncos linebacker is having a hard time when the better-known receiver is in the news.


Reggie Wayne Won’t Be Re-signed By Colts

By Spilly | 24 Comments

For us, it’s that time of the NFL year when we have to watch old, loved dogs get taken out back behind the shed.

David Rappoccio

Pocket Hercules hangs up his tiny cleats for good

By David Rappoccio | 41 Comments

Jaguars and Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew called it a career.

buffalo nightlife

A Guide To Buffalo Dining For LeSean McCoy

By Johnny Sugar | 60 Comments

Buckle up Shady, because I’m gonna give you a tour of the best eating and drinking establishments in the Queen City.


Dwayne Bowe The Latest ” To Be Cut or Traded” WR

By Trevor Risk | 32 Comments

Not that it matters. No Chiefs receiver could get a touchdown anyway.

free agency

The Diary Of An NFL Free Agent

By Christmas Ape | 30 Comments

Most fans don't realize what it's like for someone hoping just to catch on the margins of an NFL roster.

arizon cardinals

Darnell Dockett Signed a Two-Year Deal With The 49ers

By Christmas Ape | 20 Comments

Rather than go back to the Cardinals for less money, Darnell Dockett signed with a division rival.

detroit lions

This Ndamukong Suh Billboard Makes No Sense

By Christmas Ape | 68 Comments

Lions fans paid for a Ndamukong Suh billboard that is basically a shrug.


Chip Kelly, like Benjamin Netanyahu, has a vision. Either get behind it or get the hell out of the way

By PFT Commenter | 27 Comments

Anyone who makes fun of the so-called "Philadelphia Ducks" must be smoking quack.