This Week In Fuck You

This Week in F–k You: People Who Hate The Llamas And The Dress

By Christmas Ape | 14 Comments

Learn to enjoy some frivolous things every once in a while and cut people some slack for doing the same.

Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson Wins Suspension Appeal As Judge Doty Smacks Down Goodell Again

By Christmas Ape | 49 Comments

Peterson is not officially reinstated yet, but the running back wins an important victory to getting back before April 15.


KSK Mailbag: Spygate, The Home Edition

By Trevor Risk | 94 Comments

Remember to write in to with any queries, probes, uncertainties, requests, quandaries, or initiatives.

Johnny Sugar

KSK Konnisseur Klub: Totino’s Pizza Rolls

By Johnny Sugar | 137 Comments

It's time you learn how to be a sophisticated frozen pizza roll lover from an expert.

detroit lions

The Lions Released Reggie Bush

By Christmas Ape | 44 Comments

It's a bad day for well-known veteran players who aren't that good.

guest posts

San Francisco’s Reckoning

By Christmas Ape | 25 Comments

Who is the Hooded Figure destroying the 49ers organization?

Big Sandy

New Rams stadium in Inglewood gets the green light

By Big Sandy | 36 Comments

The Rams take the lead in the L.A. stadium race thanks to action by the Inglewood City Council.

hit the hole


By Trevor Risk | 38 Comments

We must embrace this time when the bad weather keeps us at our snarkiest.

xmas ape

Kill Kill Kill: Drop That Camera And Run

By Christmas Ape | 35 Comments

An octopus leaps from the water to kill a crab. Staying away from water forever.

caroline in the city

Dreadful Gritty Reboots™ Power Rangers vs. NFL Helmets: Who Ya Got?

By Trevor Risk | 43 Comments

Time to play everyone's favorite game: which is objectively worse?


Tom Brady Wants To Be Famous For Acting Too

By Christmas Ape | 53 Comments

Why just have leading man looks when you can be a leading man?